Samples of the training videos can be found at the info page by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on "Preview" under Course Curriculum. 

Please click here for an outline of concepts found in our vision therapist screening course, "Intro to Vision Therapy."

 After the vision therapist candidate has had a chance to take the "Intro to Vision Therapy" course, we recommend inviting them back and asking them the following questions or other similar questions.

    1. Tell me the types of difficulties you would expect from a person with oculomotor dysfunction?
    2. What is the difference between convergence and accommodation?
    3. If someone was stimulating their accommodation would you expect their eyes to turn inward or outward?
    4. What is the difference between exo and eso?
    5. What is the difference between phoria and tropia?

In addition to the results you will receive from us from the quizzes they took during the course, this should give you an excellent indication of the quality of vision therapist candidate you have.