Emerging Clinic Program

Are you a brand new clinic and aren't large enough to commit to the monthly 3 kit Emergent Membership? We have a brand new program just for you - the Emerging Clinic Program

We want to eliminate any hurdles that may block you from using our product. This program allows you to use our product with no initial investment. We will work with you to customize a kit for your clinic and send your first six units for free. No joke! As you sell your first three kits to your patients you can use a portion of those proceeds to purchase future kits from us. Essentially this will allow your clinic to use our products without any upfront investment.

Once the you have sold your first three kits, you would place your order for an additional three kits which you can pay for from your profits from selling the original kits. 

Once your clinic has reached the point where you are able to consume three or more kits a month, you will have the option to sign up for the Emergent Membership Program. Your incentive for doing this is that you will then receive Membership benefits that include a fixed equipment discount. At which point you would pay for the initial 6 kits and then would be enrolled in the Emergent Membership. 

If your clinic is unable to consume 3 kits in the space of 6 months then the Emerging Clinic Agreement will be terminated. When a termination of the Emerging Clinic Agreement occurs, for any reason, then the balance of the original 6 kits will invoiced. 

Benefits of the Emerging Clinic Program:

- Initial investment risk is completely eliminated

- Allows your clinic to use awesome equipment while you are still growing

- We provide practice management consultations to help you grow

Please give us a call to get started on customizing a home therapy kit for you clinics needs.  Contact Us

You also are welcome to walk through the customization process yourself and we will then contact you.   Home Therapy Kit Customization

Finally, if you are interested, but would like to view our products first, follow this link.