Basic Kit

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The Emergent take-home basic kit is the backbone of our product offering. This kit includes all of the essentials you will need for your vision therapy patients, including (see product descriptions for each of these items):

- The Magnetic Main Frame

- Red/Green or Polarized glasses

- Red/Green or Polarized Bar Reader

- 3 Transparent Binocular Fusion cards

- 2 Red/Green Cancellation Cards

- 4 Charts

- Pointer and Multi-level Straw

- Brock String with luster discs

- Marsden Ball with pull proof string

- Carrying Case 

This kit wasn't designed to be the complete offering but is the foundation on which a clinic can couple with additional modules and add-ons to form their own unique take-home kit that fits the needs of their practice.  We recommend that clinics charge a one-time equipment fee to patients at the beginning of their treatment to cover the cost of the patients’ Emergent Equipment.  The kit can also be customized with your practice logo.    

*NOTE: If you choose to add a logo to your kit. There is a one time $50 logo set up fee. We will need a .pdf file of your logo and any additional information you would like etched next to your logo. (ie. Website address, phone number, clinic address, etc..)